Processing of the bean in derivate products

We have the most modern processing plant of cocoa in the Dominican Republic. This factory uses high technology to transform the cocoa bean in intermediate raw material such as cocoa liquor, butter, cocoa powder, etc.

The group management Team

The highest authorities who run the various activities work always as a team to accomplish the guidelines of the current government system, and to solve the problems that may happen at an organization of such a kind.

Cocoa harvest work

At high harvest periods, we harvest every two weeks to avoid over maturation and germination of almonds.

Financial Support

We offer loans to support the crop.

Education to producers

We work to educate and raise awareness to cocoa producers through the development of employment, social and effective (educational program) choices in order to involve rural units within policies and programs aimed to fight the worst forms of child labor.

Productivity raise

We improve through innovation of the agricultural productivity.

Support in infrastructure construction

We promote equal development of life quality of small and medium farmers/cocoa farmers’ associates.

Continuous improvement of cocoa production process

We help to increase the levels of the agricultural products production from cocoa farms.

Asistencia técnica

Suministramos servicios productivos y de  asistencia técnicas como profesionalmente calificados

About us

Somos el holding empresarial líder en la producción, procesamiento y comercialización del cacao en la Republica Dominicana. Acumulamos más de 30 años de experiencia, lo cual nos permite garantizar productos de calidad para los mercados más exigentes de todo el mundo.

Para alcanzar mejor nuestros objetivos, estamos integrados por tres entidades especializadas: CONACADO AGROINDUSTRIAL, COOPNACADO Y CONACADO ONG.

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Press room

Working to be better

We are a union, business and technical operations center with organizational and logistic conditions which exceptionally position us in the global production context.