Certificaciones Certificaciones

Quality Control

We follow a strict quality process which is certified to ensure the characteristics of smell and flavor of the different types of cocoa, that we offer to the world’s most demanding markets.


Distribution of Collection Centers

The collection centers are strategically located to make easier the bean collection to the producers in the different areas where the group operates.


Bean Weight at the time of purchase to the producer

We use digital scales to measure in a transparent way the bean weight when it is negotiated with the producer.


Cocoa reception at the warehouses

Producers use different ways to transport the bean from the farm to the collection center.


Coffee bean drying with solar energy

We take advantage of solar energy to coffee bean drying.


Fermentation boxes

Here starts the development of the flavor, taste and color of the kernel to get a fine flavor cocoa, suitable for the best chocolate factories


Industrial plant for cocoa storage

Each branch has buildings designed to storage the bean.


Cocoa Packaging in bags of 70 kilos

A digital scale is used to ensure the exact weight of each bag.


Bean classification

Conveyor belts carry the bean to the packaging, avoiding human contact and risk of contamination.


Fermentation Process

To ensure optimum fermentation, after the first 4 to 6 hours after chopping the cocoa beans, we transport cocoa beans in very clean bags or boxes to the center of fermentation.


Cocoa drying with solar energy

Organic Cocoa: Most of Sanchez e Hispaniola cocoa that we produce is certified as organic (80%)

acopio cacao1

Cocoa Storage

Our cocoa has favorably impressed the famous British chocolate bar producers and cocoa beverages brand Green & Black and other more.

About us

Como parte del grupo, nuestra función es acopiar, transformar, comercializar y/o exportar el cacao procedente de las unidades de producción afiliados al grupo CONACADO.

Para hacer acopio y el manejo post-cosecha en forma eficiente, poseemos centros distribuidos convenientemente en Yamasa, Don Juan, Villa Altagracia, Hato Mayor, El Seybo, Miches, Bonao, Maimón, Gaspar Hernández, Cotui, Castillo y Nagua.

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Working to be better

We are a union, business and technical operations center with organizational and logistic conditions which exceptionally position us in the global production context.