Where are we going?
About us

Our vision. Attain a technologically developed cocoa farming sector with internationally renowned high quality cocoa products produced by men and women that have reached an adequate living standard.

Our mission. Improve the income and living conditions of cocoa producers and their families by supporting a sustainable approach to property management, the improvement of product quality, efficient harvest marketing and by strengthening business and organizational practices and community development.

Where we are?
About us
The country. We are located at the very centre of the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic. See map 1. With humid tropical climate, this island is an optimal location for the production of high quality cocoa.

Our country has the advantages of developed transportation, multiple secure ports, modern roads and the best telecommunications services in the area while maintaining an environment virtually free of contamination.
Que es Conacado?
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Somos líderes en la producción y exportación de cacao orgánico fermentado (tipo Hispaniola).   Llevamos a cabo proyectos sociales de desarrollo en las comunidades de nuestros asociados.
Nuestra organización. La Confederación Nacional de Cacaocultores Dominicanos, Inc. –CONACADO– es una organización campesina, democrática, al servicio de pequeños productores de cacao. Fundada en 1988, está conformada por 8 Bloques que integran unas 152 asociaciones de pequeños productores de cacao con más de 8,500 afiliados.

cajas cosecha picado desgranadas secado1 Granos de Cacao quiebra fermentados seleccion corte